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ShenZhen Huaxingsheng Technology Developmengt Co., Ltd. founded in 2008, now has an area of ​​30,000 square meters of independent Science Park, is a research and development, manufacturing, as one of the precision metal processing, plastic extrusion, electronic, optical lens assembly, printing and packaging and other diversified professional production companies. We will make every effort to provide adequate opportunity to show the stage and for each employee, and is committed to expanding each employee career planning, combined with the company's development is 华兴盛 grow together with the staff's core values. We look forward to your participation.
Job Description:
First, the foreign trade manager:
Job Responsibilities:
1, involved in the implementation of the overall marketing and business unit management;
2. Responsible department systems and processes of formulation and management;
3, responsible for the daily management of the sales team and the expansion of the distribution business unit personnel goals, to assist and guide the clerk completed market development, sales and service work;
4, maintain and consolidate customer relations with customers, to customers effective management and communication, timely feedback and summary;
5, to collect market information and product information;
6, assist sales staff to complete other tasks.
1, college degree or above, male or female, 28 years old, marketing, international trade, English and other related professionals;
2, familiar with foreign trade processes, can independently develop and maintain customer;
3, there are at least 2 years of independent market development experience, and more than 2 years working experience in foreign trade manager of equivalent positions;
4, written English ability, spoken English, can smooth communication with foreign freedom; above grade English 4;
5, familiar with foreign trade business processes, there is a positive attitude, good personality and character, strong affinity. Energetic, dare to challenge.
6, with good team-building experience, strong team management skills, good coordination of the marketing team work; capable of directing the Ministry of Foreign Trade at the level of a certain height from the guidance and supervision of the work and role of the daily operations of the entire company and development, You can motivate staff morale at work actively, love sales industry;
7, proficient Alibaba international station, operating global resources, and so on AliExpress platform, familiar with foreign trade of all kinds of tools and software platforms.
8, there is a strong sense of responsibility, communication, expression, acceptance and ability to persuade, has a strong resilience and have team spirit, a clear career plan;
Treatment: wage 10000-15000 yuan / month, adjustable salary for outstanding performance
Second, product design engineer:
Job Responsibilities:
1, to help the company on behalf of the design elite recruit
2, responsible for new product 3D design, familiar with the production process of metal processing;
4, to assist other departments to solve the technical problems of mold;
1, college or higher education, industrial design or electronics related fields;
2, has a good artistic accomplishment and aesthetic ability, good artistic skills and design-conscious, strong design passion and innovation;
3, skilled use AutoCAD.CoreDraw.Photoshop.Pro-E and other 2D.3D design software, familiar with Solidworks, LMS, CAD, LSPcad, LEAP, Smaart other design and test software is a plus;
4, active thinking, good communication skills, coordination, responsible and hard-working team;
5, relevant design work experience is preferred;
Salary: salary 8000 yuan / month, adjustable salary for outstanding performance
Third, the quality engineer:
Job Responsibilities:
1, is responsible for the daily management of the quality of the Department;
2, responsible for the department responsible for staff management, guidance, training and job evaluation;
3, responsible for leading customer complaints and returns leading analysis, processing, summary reports;
4, responsible for monitoring the suppliers Incoming, quality process and finished goods;
5, responsible for leading the internal quality exception handling;
6, responsible for leading customer and supplier evaluation;
7, responsible for the company ISO system maintenance and continuous improvement;
8, try to complete other work leading confessed;
1, high school or college education;
2. Proficiency in common office software, such as Excel, Outlook, etc;
3, more than two years of work experience in electronic product testing;
4, will use the QC 7 large practices, it would read drawings;
Familiar with ISO9001 \ 14001 quality management system;
Treatment: wages 6000-8000 yuan / month, adjustable salary for outstanding performance
Fourth, electronic engineers
Qualifications: 1, male or female, electronics, automation-related professional, college degree or above, 3 years work experience;
2, understand the PCB entire process;
3, will be PCB manufacturing software, will be any of the following two software (Protel, OrCAD, Cadence PSD, Viewlogic, PowerPCB, MentorGraphices, AltiumDesigner);
4, responsible for product design, development, prototyping, nature of the product to meet the requirements;
5, with the design, technical issues and the ability to handle product improvement;
6, strong team spirit, self-motivated sense of responsibility, the spirit of innovation, patience and meticulous work.
Treatment: wages 6000-8000 yuan / month, adjustable salary for outstanding performance
Fifth, mold designers:
Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the early products, development assessment and mold quotation.
2. Responsible die strip layout DFM.
3. Responsible for product design change assessment and mold quotation.
Design the entire mold design and mold 4. Responsible feed belt.
5. responsible for new mold from design to volume production of the entire follow-up process.
6. The mold is responsible for developing new structures needed for the product.
7. The mold is responsible for follow-up and improvement of the tryout.
8. The customer is responsible for setting requirements for mold design change and becomes drawn up drawings.
9. The pilot is responsible for the amount of improvement in the mold problem and improve.
10. assist other departments to solve the technical problems of mold
1, college degree or above, machinery and other related professionals;
2, skilled use of AUTOCAD, UG and other software;
3, familiar plastic molds, metal molds and related process:
4, can independently complete mold design;
5, can handle exceptions mold quality and unusual quality mold appearing;
6, metal stamping die design industry related work experience is preferred;
7, there are plastic molds, metal molds experience is preferred.
Treatment: wages 5000-8000 yuan / month, adjustable salary for outstanding performance
Sixth, the trade commissioner:
Job Responsibilities:
1, the company responsible for the number of all types of computer files, printing, publishing, and archiving;
2, incorporated reports as well as finishing, in order to better follow-up and implementation;
3. The coordination meeting room reservations, reasonable arrangements for the use of the conference room;
4, to help complete the cleaning staff in public office, conference room environment routine maintenance work to ensure clean and orderly work area;
5, to complete other work department manager accountable.
1, the image of good temperament, age 20-30 years old, male or female;
2, more than 1 year relevant work experience, secretarial, administrative and other related professional priorities;
3, familiar knowledge of office administration and workflow, with basic business letter writing skills and strong written and verbal communication skills;
4, familiar with the document writing format, OFFICE skilled use of office software;
5, work carefully, responsible, honest.
Treatment: wages 4000-8000 yuan / month, adjustable salary for outstanding performance.
The company look forward to your participation, please send your resume, contact information, salary requirement via
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ADD:Bao'an District of Shenzhen City Songgang luotian community embroidered Ying Kwong Road, 51 Science Park . 
TEL:0755-33115566(10 lines)
Contact:MR. Liu